Licensed. Chiropractor Mike Wilson

Ergonomic lectures on How to keep active and healthy
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Filmer om ergonomi

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Arm och axel
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Huvud och syn
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Nacke och skuldror
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Ben och hjärta
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Huvud och syn

Hello and welcome, In a working environment where our time in front of a computer is ever increasing, we have become more sedentary than ever. So how can we avoid sitting ourselves to death?

Treat your colleagues to an entertaining and very informative trip around human factors and ergonomics. One hour of your time is all that you need to give me to allow me to enlighten and motivate you and your team mates to help them see a healthier perspective in terms of their work routine.

Participants at my seminars have always enjoyed them and taken the information provided by me to their benefit and to the benefit of the company they are employed by. One hour is all that is needed to explain and discuss the latest in active ergonomics.

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Jag heter Mike Wilson, och är legitimerad kiropraktor

I am a licensed Chiropractor living in Sweden and for the last two decades I have been informing numerous companies throughout Scandinavia with presentations on how to reduce sedentary time within the work environment. Changing to a more active working day is often easier than you think. Here are some of the questions you may well will hear answered during my presentation

  • How do I become more active at my workstation?
  • What is the optimal working technique for me?
  • What is repetitive strain injury and how do I avoid it?
  • Which ergonomic products can help me reduce my sitting time?

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