Meet Mike

Licensed Chiropractor

I´m an Englishman living in Sweden. Originally, I´m from Salford, just outside of Manchester in the UK and for those of you who are interested in football, I´m red not blue.
I live in a picturesque little village in the southern part of Dalarna (in the middle of Sweden) called Stjärnsund. Together with my wife, two kids and our dog we live a laid back, Swedish country life.

I´m a licensed Chiropractor in accordance with the Swedish authorities (Socialtjänsten) after qualifying from the Scandinavian Chiropractic Collage in 1996.

After five years of studies I opened my clinic in the Stockholm central hospital “Sabbatsbergs Hospital” while I continued working at the Chiropractic collage as a tutor at the student clinic. It was here my interest for human factors and ergonomics started.

Some of the patients I’d treated with great results came back to the clinic after a few months with the same symptoms I´d helped get rid of earlier. I realised then that the root to their ailments lay in their daily routine either at home or in their working environment and to be quit their symptoms for good we had to make changes there. I started studying ergonomics, went courses and workshops and visited manufacturers of ergonomic products that were on the market to hear from them how just their product could help my patients. After living in Uppsala for a few years at the turn of the millennia we moved back to Stockholm and I started work as Manager of Ergonomics at a large retail company of ergonomic products.

I have always felt that our increasing sedentary time in everyday life was to be combated so together with colleagues and ergonomic specialists I devised a unique training seminar for office workers to to enhance their knowledge of ergonomics about show them how they can avoid work-related disorders.

My Lectures

The key to a successful lecture is ensuring the participants have fun. That´s when you have their total attention and the information given stays with them effectively. One hour is all that is needed to explain and discuss the latest in active ergonomics.